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This is a round-up of Billie Eilish's best tour outfits.

This is a round-up of Billie Eilish's best tour outfits.

You’ve never seen Billie Eilish in an outfit that hasn’t stopped you in your tracks - she’s constantly pushing fashion boundaries and curating a style so vividly connected to her. In honour of that, we’ve decided to round up Billie Eilish’s best tour outfits from the ‘Happier Than Ever’ album era (so far) to get you excited for her return to New Zealand in September 2022. 

FYI: Vodafone New Zealand customers can be among the first to secure tickets during a 48 hour presale - NOW! - starting 11am Monday, October 11th. Go to:

1. First up, Billie's outfit from Firefly Music Festival 2021 in Delaware. 

2. The outfit from Governors Ball 2021 is a highlight of this album era. 

3. Life Is Beautiful 2021 in Las Vegas. 

4. Billie's multiple different outfits for on and off stage from 2021 Global Citizen Live in New York. 

5. Finally, Billie's tour fit from Austin City Limits 2021. 

Billie Eilish performs in Auckland, New Zealand at Spark Arena on Thursday 8th September 2022. Vodafone presale starts 11am Monday 11 October. Vodafone customers, go to

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