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Camila Cabello x Wonderland magazine sneak peak.

Camila Cabello x Wonderland magazine sneak peak.

Camila Cabello is set to feature on the cover of Wonderland magazine’s upcoming Autumn-Winter '17 issue, but ahead of the release, a few images from the shoot have been released.

About working with Charli XCX, Camila says: “She’s always been so nice to me, before I met her I think she tweeted about my song “Bad Things” and then she expressed that she really wanted to write with me. Obviously I’m such a huge fan of her, she’s an amazing writer.”

On working solo, she says: “It’s totally different. In the group we would record songs for two weeks, it was a really fast process, like sometimes we’d do five songs in a day, it would just be like ‘alright you sing the verse, you sing that’, and then you just record it and that’s it, but this has been… Probably because I’ve had a chance to really like, write and make the songs, and be involved in every aspect of it from the production to the mixing. Definitely a lot more challenging but more fun, for sure.”

Check out some of the shoot images below…

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