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Conan Gray - 'Heather' music video.

Conan Gray - 'Heather' music video.

Conan Gray has shared a music video for 'Heather' - the latest single from his debut album, 'Kid Krow' - which he co-directed himself, along with close collaborator Dillon Matthew.

About the song, Gray says: "when i was in high school, i had a crush on the same one person all four years. but that one person did not love me back, instead my crush liked a girl named heather. heather was gentle and beautiful, inside and out. she was warm like a summer day, and had so many friends. she was soft and so easily lovable— everything i am not. the heather video is my way of becoming all of the things that i envy about heather. i would’ve done anything to be like her. wear the right pretty clothes and act the right effortless way. reject all the things that made me who i am. anything to be loved back by the person i loved. anything to be their first choice. the slow transformation throughout the video was made to represent the feminine and masculine traits i constantly switched between in order to become who i knew my crush would like. somebody soft and sweet. somebody like heather."

Watch the 'Heather' music video below...

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