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Donna Missal makes her directoral debut with 'Jupiter' video.

Donna Missal makes her directoral debut with 'Jupiter' video.

Released last year, Donna Missal’s debut album 'This Time' combined her passionate soulful voice with poetry and melody to create a thing of beauty. The artist has now directed her first music video - for ‘Jupiter’ - which was written with Sharon Van Etten. 

"To me the song is about a first love,” Missal states. “I wanted to make a video to reflect that experience of feeling something for the first time. To me, that brought to mind the memories of driving through my hometown as a teenager, feeling all of these big feelings all at once. It’s my first time directing a video so I chose the setting of my own hometown in NJ that I think could remind anyone of where they grew up."

Missal shot the video in her hometown at dusk - creating a dark and moody vibe that feels incredibly intimate and personal to her; yet the themes of first loves are so universal that we are all invited into Missal’s world of nostalgia, heartache and euphoria.

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