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Elle Fanning covering 'Dancing On My Own'.

Elle Fanning covering 'Dancing On My Own'.

Elle Fanning stars alongside Rebecca Hall, Millie Brady and Elizabeth Berrington in upcoming film ‘Teen Spirit’, where she plays a shy teenager who dreams of using her vocal talent to escape her small town.

Ahead of the release of the film - due out April 5th - Interscope Records have teased a snippet of Fanning’s character, Violet Valenski, singing along to the 2010 hit ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn, as well as some more glimpses of scenes and settings from the film.

Fanning says she has always wanted to show off her singing ability and has long admired some of the same pop stars as Valenski: “The way they perform is so polished and particular, also my character Violet looks up to all those pop idols so that's who she would be watching and trying emulate.”

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