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Florence + The Machine - 'Wish That You Were Here' music video.

Florence + The Machine has released a music video for 'Wish That You Were Here' - a new song she wrote for the soundtrack of Tim Burton’s upcoming new film, 'Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children'.

About the lyrics of the song, Flo has said: "Having been on tour, I've lived in a sort of magical time bubble, where the days almost blend together. It's amazing, but it comes at a cost — a cost of leaving the people you love behind for a year or two. You kind of feel like if you could sing a song into the wind, maybe the wind could take it to them in a way that you can't with a text or a call. You just want to send your love in a different way, in a way to somehow reach the unreachable."

Watch the 'Wish That You Were Here' music video below...