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Listen: Kailee Morgue's new EP 'Here In Your Bedroom'.

Listen: Kailee Morgue's new EP 'Here In Your Bedroom'.

After returning with 'Knew You' last month, Kailee Morgue has shared her new EP, 'Here In Your Bedroom', which sees her exploring new sounds like the lullaby-esque 'Tied Up', to 'This Is Why I'm Hot'; Morgue's most punk-inspired song to date.

In the EP's closing track 'Wisconsin Ave', Morgue reminisces on her fear of a past love, singing, "I’m scared completely that you’ll up and leave me."

About the EP, Morgue says: “In female pop, there’s more anger than ever. There are more women screaming and being very forward about how they feel. I love that energy, so I tried to translate the power of older hardcore music into modern production. I realised you can make pop music with a punk spirit and I allowed myself to embrace the attitude. I also allowed myself to start writing about love songs and relationships. A lot of women can’t really talk about sex, so I wanted to do it in my own tasteful and soft ways. I want any listening experience to be cathartic. I’m showing both sides of myself now. Some of it is stripped down and upbeat. Some of it is angry. I love it when music can validate my feelings. If I can do that for someone else, there’s nothing better.”

Listen to the EP in full below...

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