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Jackson Novem shares new single 'You Should Be Here'.

Jackson Novem hails from Charlotte, North Carolina and has been using music and poetry as an outlet for his emotions since a young age. His first album, ‘Rollercoaster’, was an independent release in 2017, fuelled by the pain and emotions of a broken down relationship: “It’s really a record about the highs and lows of that time in my life... all these memories just hit me at random moments and I knew that I needed to write this (record) to move on.”

Still a student, Novem has returned with his next single, ‘You Should Be Here’ - again inspired by another heartbreak (this time, the loss of a beloved pet). ‘You Should Be Here’ is simple and sweet; Novem shows us the importance of his lyrics as he finds an outlet for his grief and loss.

Listen to ‘You Should Be Here’ below: