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Listen: Niall Horan's new album 'Heartbreak Weather'.

Listen: Niall Horan's new album 'Heartbreak Weather'.

Niall Horan's sophomore album 'Heartbreak Weather' is officially out (in Australia and New Zealand!) - the follow-up to his debut solo release, 'Flicker'.

The fourteen-track concept album chronicles the storyline of a breakup, with the opening 80s inspired title-track seeing Horan at the beginning of a romance, singing, "It can be so lonely in this city / But it feels different when you're with me / All of my life, it's been heartbreak weather / Thinking to myself it won't get better."

In a statement about the album, Horan shares the inspiration behind the album, “'Heartbreak Weather’ is nearly a concept album. I wanted to write these songs from the start of a relationship through to the end — and from different sides — instead of every song being quite sad and all about me. Because when you go through a breakup, it’s not sad all the time.”

Another album highlight, 'Bend The Rules', sees Horan's love for Bruce Springsteen loud and clear - he told The Sun that, "In my head it was kind of like my Bruce Springsteen - Streets of Philadelphia moment."

Working with various writers and producers such as Teddy Geiger and Tobias Jesso Jr. (who collaborated with Horan on a lot of 'Flicker', including 'Slow Hands'), Horan has continued to take fans on a personal journey through the story told in the album - though he has mentioned that songs like 'Bend The Rules' are less personal and more about different kinds of relationships.

To celebrate his album release, Horan has been spending the week at James Corden's late show, performing new songs and partaking in a number of hilarious sketches:

Listen to 'Heartbreak Weather' below...

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