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Animal Crossing announces upcoming events!

Animal Crossing announces upcoming events!

Animal Crossing have only just finished with their Bunny Day event for Easter, and have kept players intrigued with the announcement of a number of new upcoming events, the first being a Nature Day event which kicks off on April 23rd until May 5th.

The update offers two new merchants who will have shrubbery and art (which you can display in the art gallery, which will be inside the museum!) on offer:

Other upcoming events include a May Day Tour (available between May 1st and May 7th), which takes you to a special island:

Later in May (from the 18th til the 31st) will be a celebration for International Museum Day with a special Stamp Rally, where you can collect stamps by touring museum exhibits.

Taking you through to June is the wedding season - for the entire month, where you can help set up a wedding photoshoot on Harvey's island:

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