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Olivia O’Brien releases new single ‘Love Myself’.

Olivia O’Brien has just dropped a new single in the form of ‘Love Myself’, the self-aware track that will serve as the finale to her upcoming debut album, set for release this Spring (/Autumn in New Zealand).

In the song, O’Brien reaches new heights of introspection, singing, “I don’t even know who I wanna be,” before proclaiming, “I don’t need to be the same as everyone else / I just need to motherfucking love myself.”

About the album, she says:  “I wrote this in a really dark place, and I hope I can help other people who may be in that same spot. My idea was for you to listen to the album when you’re feeling sad and by the end, you’ll feel better without even realizing it.”

Listen to ‘Love Myself’ below…