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Listen: Sam Fender's new song 'Hypersonic Missiles'.

Listen: Sam Fender's new song 'Hypersonic Missiles'.

While finishing up work on his debut album (recorded up in his own warehouse studio alongside the River Tyne), Sam Fender has today shared his first new music of 2019, with the new song ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ which holds onto hope amidst a state of panic.

About the song, Fender says: "This song started out when I saw the term ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ in a newspaper. It’s a newly developed Russian missile that travels at something like nine times the speed of sound, which is essentially unstoppable. America currently has no defence against such a weapon, they would be helpless in the wake of an attack, as you have roughly six minutes from the time it is launched to the time it strikes. In many ways, Hypersonic Missiles is an unorthodox love song. It’s main focus is on the world around the narrator, who is a complete tin foil hatter. They are convinced the world is on its last legs; they know that it is rife with injustice but feel completely helpless and lacking the necessary intelligence to change it while remaining hopelessly addicted to the fruits of consumerism. Amongst all the chaos is love and celebration, there is this glimmer of hope that runs through the song, a little notion that no matter what happens, these two people are gonna have a fucking good time regardless of the tyrants that run their world, and regardless of the imminent doom from these ‘Hypersonic Missiles’."

Listen to the new song below...

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