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The 1975's 'Music For Cars' album era has begun!

The 1975's 'Music For Cars' album era has begun!

Black-and-white The 1975 posters have appeared in London and Manchester which both feature the title of the band's forthcoming third album, 'Music For Cars', the Dirty Hit records catalogue number DH00327, a timeline: 2018 ————— 2019 ”MFC”, and three messages:
- "First, disobey; then look at your phones."
- "If I don’t get to see the beauty of the end of culture; then at least I’ve seen the culture of the end of beauty."
- "Poetry is in the streets in full living colour."

The first of those messages potentially refers to protest posters from the May 1968 revolts in France (and backs up this fan's theory about the album):

The second references a message from the band from the studio a while ago:

And the third, is already very familiar to The 1975 fans:

Fans are currently debating the significance of the poster's catalogue number, DH00327, as the band's Matty Healy (DH00280) and manager Jamie Oborne (DH00271) both have different numbers in their Twitter bios than the poster, and each other:

+ let's also remember that The 1975's last release (Live from The O2, London. 16.12.16) bore the code DH00278, so there's also the mystery of the missing code, DH00279, which hasn't been revealed yet...

Or there's also this possibility:

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