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Fact: The 1975 will release a new song every month in the lead-up to new album 'A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships'.

In a new interview with Music Week, The 1975's manager Jamie Oborne has revealed that the band are set to release one new song each month in the lead-up to their 'A Brief Enquiry Into Online Relationships' album this October, and will make their live return in January 2019 starting in the UK.

Elsewhere in the interview, Oborne said: "We’re doing things a little bit differently in this campaign. Very early on, Matthew [Healy, frontman] noted that the promotional window on music is shorter than ever, and the time that people consume it is infinite. He felt very strongly that, if we have a tour cycle that’s going to last 18 months to two years, we have to release two records in the time that we would have previously have released one."

Read the full interview here.