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Thomston announces 2021 New Zealand tour.

Thomston announces 2021 New Zealand tour.

Thomston has announced he will perform two tour dates in New Zealand next month, following the release of his new single, 'JPA989'.

Thursday April 8 - The Tuning Fork (All Ages)
Friday April 9 - Meow (R18)

About the upcoming shows, Thomston shares: "The reality hasn’t quite sunk in yet, that I get to see people, hug people, meet people, let alone get up on stage and play some material from this new record for the first time. Kicking off the album campaign back here in New Zealand is already special enough but, after a year of isolation and quiet, the prospect of a packed room full of expression, love, and connection feels almost too much for my little heart. I can hardly wait."

Get tickets to the tour here.

Listen to 'JPA989' below...

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