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Listen: Wallows release new song 'Quarterback'.

Listen: Wallows release new song 'Quarterback'.

Ahead of a deluxe edition of their 'Remote' EP being released this Friday, Wallows have today shared a new song, 'Quarterback', which features drummer Cole Preston on vocals.

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music earlier today, the band's Dylan Minnette said about their new song: "Cole started this idea a long time ago, probably years ago. Honestly, we've always really liked it, but then last year when we were doing 'Remote', which I think we talked to you about before, that got brought back up into question, and we were sort of trying to self-produce that one, where the other ones were working on them with other people. And we decided, 'Ah, it doesn't fit enough with the rest of the songs.' And so by the time 'Remote' came out, we were just like, 'Well, I feel like these other songs we started, including 'Quarterback' aren't necessarily going to work on the next thing we're making, the next album. And also, what's the point of holding things over?' We used to be like: we'll just wait to put it out. It's like, nah, you got it now and it's good, just get out of the way and put it out. So we tried to finish it with the same guys, Saatchi and John and Caleb, that we did the rest of the 'Remote' EP with, and we're super excited about it. And now we've got these three songs, and actually 'Quarterback' was just going to come out at the same time as the other ones, but it's coming out as a single first, which we're really excited about it."

And about progress on their sophomore album, Minnette also shared: "We actually are in the middle of recording our second album right now. So that's the biggest update, right at the beginning of the year, we kind of just last-minute went in and started recording our next record, which we are just so excited about. And I think the ideal plan is that we have it finished in summer, and if it makes sense to put it out, we get it done in time to have it out this year in the fall. That would be ideal. I guess it just all depends on what the landscape of COVID and touring is, because we definitely want to. Hopefully nearing the time of touring coming back. We want to tour it. We want to do that. So it's just got to be the right time."

Listen to 'Quarterback' below...

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