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Introducing: Kehlani.

Introducing: Kehlani.

Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, ‘cuz this girl is about to BLOW UPPPPP.

I haven’t heard anyone making R&B this good in a long time, but Kehlani has blown me away. She’s just released her self-released ‘You Should Be Here’ - and the title-track is phenomenal. It’s got 90s vibes and killer production, and her voice is floaty perfection.

She’s set not to be just a one-hit wonder, as the other tracks on this body of work are awesome. ‘How That Taste’ is another standout song, it's kind of Taylor Swift's ’Shake It Off’, if it was R&B.

Kehlani has just signed a deal with Atlantic Records, with her major label debut album expected for release later this year. On her post on Facebook about the deal she said “Working with a label won’t change a thing about hustle nor will it change a thing about my music. I’m grateful to be in a good place and am excited to work with a great team who support my vision for myself and my music 100%. This is just the beginning”. I am so excited for this album, and for her future in music!

Just ‘cuz I love her so much, listen to another song of hers below (this one is ‘The Way’, which features Chance the Rapper):

Check out more KEHLANI here:

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