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Troye Sivan teases new music.

Troye Sivan teases new music.

Following a very quiet year, aside from a collaboration with Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan has taken to his Twitter account to tease upcoming new music.

He’s been busy this year writing and recording his sophomore album (the highly anticipated follow up to 'Blue Neighbourhood'), and in a tweet to celebrate the New Year, he stated that new music would be coming “very, very soon.”

As well as this announcement, in a thread of photos from this year, Sivan revealed the following very important facts:

He spent March writing in the studio:

In June he wrote the first single for “TS2”:

That he “wrote for a week on the beach” in October:

He filmed “something special” in November (maybe something for the single that he wrote back in June?)

And lastly, spent December planning “EVERYTHING.” EEEEEP.

P.S. Read our latest cover-story with Troye Sivan here.

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