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Must-listen: Beabadoobee's new song 'How Was Your Day?'.

Must-listen: Beabadoobee's new song 'How Was Your Day?'.

Ahead of the release of her eagerly anticipated debut album 'Fake It Flowers' next month (out October 16th), Beabadoobee has today shared a new song, 'How Was Your Day?', which arrives accompanied by a bedroom-directed visual (of course!).

About the song, Bea says: "'How Was Your Day?' is a track that explores all the relationships I neglected when I was away from home. I wanted to emphasise the rawness of the lyrics with the song sonically which is why I recorded it on a four-track with all the little mistakes and vocal wobbles included. I wanted the music video to feel nostalgic to me, to include all the people I cared about, it took me back to the time I first started making music."

Watch the 'How Was Your Day?' music video below...

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