Listen: CYN's new song 'Alright'.

Listen: CYN's new song 'Alright'.

Alongside the exciting news that she'll be heading out on tour supporting Sigrid soon, CYN has also shared a brand new song, 'Alright', which was produced by New Zealander Sam De Jong.

About her new single, CYN says: "When I wrote this song, I was thinking back on all the notes my teachers wrote on my report cards: would be a perfect student if only she would stop talking, attitude adjustment needed, lacking self-discipline, etc. It's almost funny to me how harsh my teachers were and how they made the littlest things feel like the end of the world! After what felt like a ton of pressure under a constant magnifying glass, I still did it my way and I turned out alright."

Listen to the new song below...

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