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Dreamer Boy - 'Puppy Dog' music video.

Dreamer Boy - 'Puppy Dog' music video.

Coup De Main 2020 Must-Know artist Dreamer Boy has shared a whimsical music video for 'Puppy Dog', which is every bit as endearing as the song itself.

About the song and video, Dreamer Boy told The Fader: "'Puppy Dog' is a moment in time for me. I opened every show of the Clairo tour with it and the release came right in the middle of my first project and my second. I wanted this song and now the video we’ve made to be a world of its own. I want this portrayal of Dreamer Boy to feel like a specific character unique to this song. Everything from the wardrobe, props and extras were intentional in building that recognition. I was inspired by 90s fisheye videos and Wes Anderson’s trademark character/wardrobe design. The masks were the first idea and everything started to make sense from there. This was such a fun video to make with my best friends playing the supporting roles of the extras and my right hand creative partner Adam shooting it."

Watch the 'Puppy Dog' music video below...

P.S. Click here to read our latest interview with Dreamer Boy.

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