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Interview: 2018 Must-Know - E^ST

Interview: 2018 Must-Know - E^ST

Last year, Australian singer-songwriter E^ST dropped new single ‘Life Goes On’ - a buoyantly upbeat song in which she mourns a loss while at the same time acknowledging that, life indeed does go on. The song followed an EP from 2015 (‘The Alley’) and a support slot on tour with Twenty One Pilots in Australia, and more new music has been promised for 2018.

MUST-LISTEN: 'Life Goes On'.
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COUP DE MAIN: We love 'Life Goes On', it’s such a jam. Do you know when we can expect to hear more music from you?
I can't give you a date, I'm sorry, but I am working on it and I want to share it as soon as I can!

CDM: You feature on Darius’ song ‘Carried Away’ which recently came out. Do you like working on features, and how does it compare to working on your own music?
do like it, I love sort of collaborating with other people because it kind of takes you out of your way of doing things and your way of thinking. Especially, working with someone like Darius who is from France and he actually isn't that comfortable speaking English, so we had a translator in the session with us <laughs> which was really cool. It's still cool that two people from totally different countries and backgrounds could get together in this city and make a song together.

CDM: Is there anyone that you’d really like to write music with, that you haven’t already?
I'd really like to work with Rostam [Batmanglij]! Everything he does, from Vampire Weekend stuff to his solo stuff, I love him a lot, and I'd love to work with him.

CDM: You supported Twenty One Pilots on their Australian tour, what was that experience like?
That was absolutely insane! They, for years, have been one of my favourite bands so opening for them was like a dream come true. They were also just the loveliest people and their crew were also really nice and treated us really well and their crowds were really sweet and supportive too, so it was just a dream honestly.
CDM: Also kind of a good experience early on to play massive venues, a learning-curve!
It was! I feel like after that tour I upped my live performing game for sure.
CDM: Their live shows are insane!
Oh, goals!

CDM: You were a part of Triple J’s ‘Unearthed’ project, which is such a vital part of the industry for up-and-coming artists. Do you think things like this are important in helping new artists to break into the market?
100%. I get so many young kids in Australia asking me like, 'How do you get started? How do you get your foot in the door?' And I love just being able to go, 'Upload your stuff to Triple J Unearthed.' Being able to give them that step, because a lot of people don't know what to do, they have this talent and these songs but they don't know how to get it out there, it's so important that there are these kinds of things set up for young independent artists to find themselves and find a platform.

CDM: So you’re Australian, but you have a New Zealand management company, how did that come about?
That came about through my label actually, I sort of went to them and I was like, 'Do you guys know of any good managers to sort of talk to?' Because I was looking for management and they were like, 'Oh! We hear Saiko from New Zealand are quite cool and are doing good stuff,' so I flew over here and met them and we're now working together obviously!

CDM: What advice would you give for New Zealanders trying to break into the Australian market? It can be super hard for New Zealand, as Australia is such an important market, but a really hard one.
Advice I'd give is really be as active in the scene as you can, that can be just over social media as well. Making friends with people and just showing support for other people and going to Australia whenever you can and going to shows, that is the best way to start showing up in the scene!

Watch the 'Life Goes On' music video below...

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