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Listen: Eves Karydas' new song 'Complicated'.

Listen: Eves Karydas' new song 'Complicated'.

Brisbane-based Eves Karydas has shared a new song, 'Complicated', which she wrote in a last-minute writing session in Stockholm, Sweden with co-writers Calle Lehmann and Max Thulin.
About her new song, Eves says: "I went in with this idea because I’d just woken up having had this dream that my teeth were falling out. I Googled it and it told me I had an inferiority complex, which I thought was so funny. So, I went and I told the guys, ‘We should write about this and not make it super serious.’ They were like, ‘Yeah cool, let’s do it!’ It was one of those lightning bolt moments that happen every so often where there’s no struggle whatsoever and the song just writes itself."

Watch the 'Complicated' music video below...

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