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Florence + The Machine announces new music 'Sky Full Of Song' / 'New York Poem (For Polly)'.

Florence + The Machine is back to save 2018, with the announcement that a brand new 7” release is coming for Record Store Day on April 21st - which suggests that there might be two new songs coming (an A-side and a B-side), titled ‘Sky Full Of Song’, and ‘New York Poem (For Polly)’.

There are multiple rumours around what the title means (whether the single is called ‘Sky Full Of Song’, or ‘Sky Full Of Song / ‘New York Poem (For Polly)’), whereas others have suggested that the song will be called ‘Sky Full Of Song’ and the below is a poem accompaniment to the song (which might be read by Florence as the B-Side):

The 7” is currently available for pre-order here.