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Listen: Gengahr's new song 'Atlas Please'.

Listen: Gengahr's new song 'Atlas Please'.

Following a Summer of festival appearances, Gengahr have followed up their excellent 2018 album 'Where Wildness Grows' with a new song, 'Atlas Please', and a promise that they're working on even more new material.

About the new song, the band's Felix Bushe says: "'Atlas Please' is us considering that our lasting memories are the ones shared in good company - although, at times it can feel as though the weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. Talking to friends and considering our own personal experiences, we’re mindful that we often find it easier to suffer in silence than to open up -  so being able to identify when someone you care about is hurting and to make the time to help them is an incredibly important and powerful thing to do. We hope you all enjoy the song, and look forward to seeing you soon."

Listen to the new song below...

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