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Holly Humberstone is the latest Coup De Main cover girl.

Holly Humberstone is the latest Coup De Main cover girl.

Holly Humberstone has a new EP out next month, and it is not a lie when we tell you that we have been listening to it every day (sometimes repeatedly) ever since we were first snuck a preview. Our number of listens is well into the high hundreds now, and her latest single 'Scarlett' is irrefutably one of the best songs of 2021.

An emotional excavator, Holly understands that falling in love with someone else is somewhat also about falling in love with yourself - embracing the dizzying rush of feeling seen; the tingly thrill of being heard; those fluttery butterflies that precipitate an understanding between kindred spirits - and her balmy songs emote mutual vulnerability in spades.

In 'Scarlett', Holly embodies the headspace of her best friend who is brutally told by a former flame: "Scarlett I don’t need to be responsible for everything you’re feeling / You're emotional grim reaper / I feel bad for you / I can’t entertain these games, hate to rain on your parade / It’s just the way I’m feeling." And like all the greats, 'Scarlett' is both a starlit night and a starless sky, just the tip of a heartbreak iceberg, but triumphantly reverberating from the unbridled euphoria of having liberated one's self from the cruelty of another's unfeeling mood swings.

We love Holly[!], and if you don't already, we're excited for you to love her too.

You can read our newest cover story - and learn all about Holly! - here.

P.S. All Zine #48 pre-orders go in the draw to win a signed polaroid from Holly:

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