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Must-listen: Julia Jacklin's new song 'I Was Neon'.

Must-listen: Julia Jacklin's new song 'I Was Neon'.

Julia Jacklin has just released the second single, 'I Was Neon', from her upcoming album, 'PRE PLEASURE'. The album will drop on the 26th of August.

The tracklist for the album is as follows:
1. Lydia Wears A Cross
2. Love, Try Not To Let Go
3. Ignore Tenderness
4. I Was Neon
5. Too In Love To Die
6. Less Of A Stranger
7. Moviegoer
8. Magic
9. Be Careful With Yourself
10. End Of A Friendship

On injecting joy back into the music-making process, Jacklin shares:  “Once music becomes your job, you can lose the purity of music fandom. I spent the last two years trying to reconnect with that. I didn’t play much, I just listened. Especially to a lot of big pop music like Celine Dion, Robyn and Luther Vandross – music that wasn’t so heavy, big feelings, big production. You lose sight of what putting on a big, beautiful song can do.” 

Watch the video for 'I Was Neon' below...

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