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Must-listen: Kailee Morgue’s new song 'Headcase' featuring Hayley Kiyoko.

Must-listen: Kailee Morgue’s new song 'Headcase' featuring Hayley Kiyoko.

Kailee Morgue’s song ‘Headcase’ has long been a fan-favourite song, and today it finally gets officially released into the world - as a collaboration with fellow queer artist Hayley Kiyoko.

The song (produced by CJ Baran) samples The Pixies’ classic song ‘Where Is My Mind’ and delves into the polarity of love and fear in a relationship, with Morgue declaring in the chorus, “I’m a headcase, but you love me, I’m a mistake, I warned you.”

About the song, Kailee says: “I love ‘Where Is My Mind?’, and we took the energy of the song to represent the feelings of love and fear in a relationship. I have bipolar disorder, and I’m always trying to find ways to communicate the struggle through music. I know there are others struggling with it. ‘Headcase’ is the embodiment of the push-and-pull. I knew I should be writing about it, since it’s a release for me and listeners. I wanted to say it, so it would be empowering to deal with this sort of mental issue. I’m not going to hide it or anything.”

About the changes in her life, she said, “More than ever this year, even in the past six months, I’ve gone through a process of beginning to finally understand myself,” she admits. “A lot of people say they love and understand themselves, but there’s a turning point where I completely did. The hesitation turned into confidence. There was a personal side of having relationships in the past year and coming out. Also, it’s going through the process of coming to terms with my bipolar disorder. I really shifted into knowing myself. I feel it really shows in the songs. I’m excited for everyone to hear them, because they truly tell my story for the first time.”

Listen to ‘Headcase’ below…

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