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Lontalius returns with two new songs, 'I Wanted Him' and 'That Includes You'.

Lontalius returns with two new songs, 'I Wanted Him' and 'That Includes You'.

As featured on Kevin Abstract's (of Brockhampton) Instagram stories today, Lontalius has released two new singles, 'I Wanted Him' and 'That Includes You' - the latter of which includes a co-writing credit from Roy Blair.

About his new music, Eddie Johnston says:

“people tell me they hear longing in my music. i’d agree with that.
on ‘i’ll forget 17’ i wrote about the intense teen feelings, and understanding that they would eventually come to pass. they did, of course, but i just got older and found some more things to feel. that’s how it goes.
these 2 songs are the first of many, and they come as a pair. they should really speak for themselves. one is about lust and the other is about love. both feelings i don’t really understand.
i started these songs with om’mas keith in hollywood. i’d dreamt of working with a great producer in a hollywood studio for years (there’s that longing), but i wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted to get out of it. om’mas introduced me to this world in a careful and loving way. he wasn’t there to coach me or make me into something. he heard my voice and he lent me his. i had a new framework to explore, i couldn’t be more thankful for that.
i’ve worked on a whole bunch of music since then, on my own and with new friends. i’ve been trying to challenge myself to be more vulnerable, but to also find a confidence that i didn’t have before. all in the name of making something that connects.
i’m so excited for you to hear everything i’ve been working on. and i can’t wait to play them to you. this is just the start. x” - LONTALIUS

Listen to the new songs below:

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