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Introducing: Maude Latour + her 'Starsick' EP.

Introducing: Maude Latour + her 'Starsick' EP.

20-year-old singer-songwriter Maude Latour's debut EP 'Starsick' might just be your new musical obsession - with six compelling and honest songs touching on relatable sentiments about love, friendship, and more. With her key points listed as "trying to save the planet, practicing gratitude, channeling a new idea of religion and human existence, recycling, starting a revolution, 20 years old, nyc forever, spilling my brain and deepest darkest secrets," we are wholeheartedly behind this rising pop artist.

Latour is currently studying philosophy and political science at Columbia University, and according to a press release she "plans to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration."

The EP's title-track (which was produced by Alexander 23) is an ode to her best friend Morgan and sees her open up about love ("And I get a little starsick, when we talk about love / Cause I don’t know a thing about love"), and sees her distinctive vocals float above the technicolored production throughout.

Around the EP's release, Latour shared a music video for the title-track which included a spoken-word introduction ("Love is the message," she instils):

About the EP, Latour says: “This EP is my world. I can’t believe it’s real. It is the voice of the world I’ve always had a vision for. A world where people tell their crushes how much they’re in love, where we feel the highest highs and lowest lows and realize both these extremes are the stuff of life, where we openly try to reach the sublime and listen for God and the universe. I know this all sounds crazy, but it’s a revolution I’ve been building towards for my entire life and the wildest part is that people are starting to understand it. This past year so many have found these songs and confessed they feel all of this too. This is a declaration of being done with small talk and not dating people who treat you poorly, being unabashedly afraid of the transcendence of life, and trying to squeeze any ounce of meaning out of this world, all while being grateful we are in it. All of these songs come together to paint this picture. The continuity running through these songs are there if you’re listening closely. I’m so proud of this work, I’m so excited for it to be in the world.”

About another highlight of the EP, 'Ride My Bike', Latour shares: "'Ride My Bike' is based off of a day that I was buzzing with stress and anxiety. I left my phone at home and ran away, hopping on a Citi Bike and riding with full force through Central Park and all across Manhattan. When I finally got home, my parents were furious, claiming that they had called all my friends and were worried sick. I've become a bit more considerate about my bike rides, but they remain one of my most sacred activities. When I bike, I feel truly alive. Spinning up and down the hills of Central Park and weaving down the avenues through Manhattan (which is dangerous! I don't condone - please wear a helmet!) are the moments that bring me sanity. This song captures the sacredness of the freedom that comes from hitting a runner's high. Please remember to go outside and break a sweat-- it'll remind you that you are so incredibly alive and breathing.”

Latour has also been busy recently, sharing some snippets of unreleased music on Instagram:


A post shared by maude latour (@maudelstatus) on


A post shared by maude latour (@maudelstatus) on

Listen to the EP in full below...

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