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Peace release new single 'You Don't Walk Away From Love' + announce new album.

British band Peace have returned with a new single ‘You Don't Walk Away From Love’, along with the announcement that their upcoming album ‘Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’ will be released on May 4th.

The band took to a farmhouse in the depths of Herefordshire to write the album - about which the band's frontman Harry Koisser said: “I was a total townie. I spent six months out in an actual forest. It was very Hobbit-ish, very Hobbit-esque. Extremely isolating and scary”.

Here’s the album track-listing:
1. Power
2. Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll
3. Silverlined
4. You Don’t Walk Away From Love
5. From Under Liquid Glass
6. Magnificent
7. Angel
8. Shotgun Hallelujah
9. Just A Ride
10. Choose Love

Listen to ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ below…