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Top 10 must-listen songs in Apple Music Spatial Audio.

Top 10 must-listen songs in Apple Music Spatial Audio.

With the launch of Apple Music's Spatial Audio feature which has changed the game in terms of the album listening experience, we thought we'd round up a top ten of songs that we think are a must-listen with Spatial Audio.

While we think the songs sound best in Apple headphones, the Apple Music Spatial Audio headphone experience can also be enjoyed by non-Apple headphone users by switching to 'always on' in Settings. 

Check out our top ten list below... 

1. 'All Too Well' - Taylor Swift. We found it a little difficult to nail it down to just one song in Swift's discography for this list but settled on what we think is a song that sits at the core of her music library. 

To feel like you're in the studio with Taylor, mad at her ex along with her, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 3:00 - "And maybe we got lost in translation / Maybe I asked for too much / But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up."

2. 'Fine Line' - Harry Styles. If there's a song that transports you to a sensory deprivation tank, where it's dark and you're floating but pleasantly warm, this is the one. For the the total surround 'Fine Line' listening experience, make sure to listen with the Apple AirPods Max. 

To feel like you're afloat with Harry, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 2:49 - "Crisp trepidation / I'll try to shake this soon / Spreading you open / Is the only way of knowing you." 

3. 'Happier Than Ever' - Billie Eilish. Being abducted to the middle of Eilish's enraged disappointment, (it's also arguably the song of the year). 

To feel like you're at a Billie concert screaming the lyrics along with a packed crowd, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 3:20 - "So don't waste the time I don't have / Don't try to make me feel bad / I could talk about every time that you showed up on time / But I'd have an empty line, 'cause you never did."

4. 'Supercut' - Lorde. The production on this track will get you mildly headbanging whether you like it or not. 

To feel all that emotion and get in your feels, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 0:39 - "I'll be your quiet afternoon crush / Be your violent overnight rush / Make you crazy over my touch."

5. 'My Song 5' - Haim. An oldie but a goodie, you'll also finish the song supercharged, and who doesn't want that? 

To feel mad at a man you don't even know, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 3:22 - "I've been lied to / So what's the truth? / Now I'm not gonna hide it all, keep it in all from you."

6. 'Brutal' - Olivia Rodrigo. An album opener that guarantees headbanging, dancing, and questioning the location of your teenage dream. We think 'Brutal' sounds best with the Apple AirPods Max headphones for full headbanging potential and surround sound experience. 

To start wishing you could disappear in company with Olivia, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 1:27 -  "And I'm not cool and I'm not smart / And I can't even parallel park."

7. 'Never Had The Balls' - Rex Orange County. Who wouldn't want it to sound like Rex is singing into your ear? 

To feel like you're getting your daily aspirational quote whispered in your ear, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 1:41 - "This could be the best decision that you ever make / Please, don't be afraid", she reassures me."

8. 'Don't Go Dark' - Bleachers. It wouldn't be a top ten best-sounding song list without a heart-pumping Bleachers track. 

To feel like this you're being cheered on at a marathon by Jack, the best part in Spatial Audio: 1:42 - "And now she's gone, now she's gone / Now she's out of this world / It's like California dreamin' got the best of my girl."

9. 'Harbor' - Clairo. Almost impossible to pick only one track from 'Sling' for this list, but the harmonies in this song are unbeatable.

To feel like you're sitting in a cabin in the woods with Clairo, the best part in Spatial Audio: 2:34 -  "Eyes closed and I'll commit / What I wish I had with you / I'll pretend until it's true / I don't love you that way."

10. 'Shake It Out' - Florence + The Machine. Another oldie but a goodie with Florence serenading you into shaking the devil off your back. 

To feel like you're singing along with Florence at karaoke, the best part in Spatial Audio is: 1:30 - "Cause I am done with my graceless heart / So tonight I'm gonna cut it out and then restart / Cause I like to keep my issues strong / It's always darkest before the dawn."

Check out Spatial Audio available only on Apple Music now.

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