Introducing: Gengahr.

Citing influences such as David Lynch and Terry Gilliam, North London four-piece Gengahr are named after the similarly spelt ghost Pokémon (and their favourite!), Gengar.

What more do you even need to know about them? They are into Pokémon. Sold.


1. If you haven’t heard it already, then the band’s single 'She’s A Witch' (from the EP of the same name, which was released last month via Transgressive) is one of the best songs you’ll hear today.


2. 'She’s A Witch' also sounds good in acoustic form:

3. The band are currently on tour with Circa Waves! And I wish that tour was coming to New Zealand :(

4. Frontman Felix Bushe says about his lyrics: "The fantastical side of the world is more exciting to me than the mundane."

5. They like puppies?

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Listen to another Gengahr song 'Haunter' below...