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Thomston: Journal Murica ~ part 3 - NYC.

Thomston: Journal Murica ~ part 3 - NYC.

skyscrapers. that's the first thing i see of new york. except they look tiny from the plane, like lego. as we get closer to landing the little yellow ants turn out to be cabs and everything grows into new york scale. and it's huge. and straight out of the movies.

during the drive from the airport i see lots of trash (or rubbish) caught in the top branches of bare trees, in fences, on the sides of the freeway (motorway). i'm singling out the rubbish because it's the only thing i didn't see in the movies. on the screen even the rough neighbourhoods look all clean, with grime superimposed.

i meet some people from my management team in the states. they're the first kiwi accents i've heard away from skype while i've been here. it's refreshing. then we go get fried chicken. pies and thighs in williamsburg, i highly recommend. there's this thing people eat here though, which i find very strange, called chicken and waffles. it's not chicken and then waffles for desert, or even chicken flavoured waffles. it's pieces of fried chicken over sweet waffles with syrup and some strawberries thrown in for good measure. it's too much.

i fit a couple of touristy things around the sessions, chasing squirrels in central park, speed walking through chinatown (no sir i do not want your fake handbags and watches) and the MET. looking at a canvas painted 400 years ago is weird to think too much about. you lean in close and see all the brushstrokes and you can imagine monet doing the same thing. i look at 200 year old portraits and imagine them with a hipster beard and eyebrow piercings.

everyone stays awake here, and the city lives up to at least one of its titles; the city that never sleeps. i'm averaging 3-4 hours a night and it's not doing good things. even though all the locals tell me otherwise, it’s cold too. the face-numbing kind of cold that feels like it’s sucking all the water out of your eyes. i kind of like it though, i get to wear this sick jacket i got back in new zealand.

when i get off the subway it still feels like i’m moving.

all in all, new york is great and everything i imagined.

~ T

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