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Review: Lush skincare products.

Review: Lush skincare products.

As lovers of animals, planet Earth, human rights and equality, the Coup De Main team is always looking for amazing products that support the causes we believe in. Thankfully, Lush ticks all our boxes. 

In our latest magazine issue, we featured Lush in our cruelty-free cosmetics article, and now we've fallen even more in love with this brand after trialling some of their skin products. The overall conclusion here is that Lush is easily the best remedy to make yourself literally feel both good inside and out.

'BUFFY' BODY BUTTER ($17.50/90g)

Much like the identically named TV heroine, 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', this exfoliating scrub is mighty capable of exterminating dead nasties. Once it makes contact with water whilst showering it does tend to start melting a little swiftly, so I apply it a bit like sunscreen - rub a good amount all over my legs and then with the bar safely away from water, return to continuing rubbing my legs until I am satisfied by their newfound state of smoothness. The scrub contains cocoa and shea butters - hence the body butter part of the name - so you don’t even have to moisturise yourself afterwards, if you’re feeling lazy. But I do anyway though, just to admire how smooth my legs have become.

Pro-Tip: When 'Buffy' isn’t hitting the shower with me, I wrap her up in glad-wrap so that she can continue to be re-used.

MOVIS’ FACIAL SOAP ($13.90/100g)

I don’t think I’ve ever used a soap which has wholemeal bread listed as one of its key ingredients. The ‘Movis Facial Soap’ is a brand new Lush product, combining five different wheat based products together to create this facial soap. As well as these interesting ingredients, the product uses coconut oil, FairTrade organic cocoa butter, and hop oil - creating a facial soap like no other.

It’s unlike any soap I’ve ever used before, the texture is quite squidgy as opposed to a hard soap, this makes it easier to apply to the face. Though it doesn’t lather as a regular soap, it works well to clean the face, and there are little bits of wheatgerm that come off during use, which work as an exfoliant for the face too. When I used it I tended to wet my face then rub the soap on, as this tended to get the best results.

Movis’ wouldn’t win any awards for it’s appearance - my fellow Coup De Main colleagues in fact mistook it for an actual mini loaf of bread - however you’re never going to choose a soap for its good looks. The smell is pungent and wheaty, and this soap is pretty affordable for a Lush product. Plus, you can cut the soap up into smaller pieces to use bit by bit. Thought I was initially terrified by this product, it’s something I’ve grown to love in my everyday routine.


When it comes to hand and body lotions, I've always been convinced that every product is pretty much the same - until I tried the Lush 'New Charity Pot'. This stuff is the real deal. After a mere two days of using it, I saw a significant change in the smoothness of my skin. After a week, my elbows were so smooth and moisturized, I couldn't rest them on a table. 

Unlike most moisturing lotions, you only need to apply a tiny amount to reap the benefits of this rich and soothing cream. You could say a little goes a long way, which is quite appropriate since just one purchase of this lotion works to benefit both you and others in need. All the proceeds of 'New Charity Pot' (minus GST) go straight to grassroot charities working with Lush. This guarantees you are buying from an ethical source and supporting small communities overseas. As if that wasn't enough, the improved formula in 'New Charity Pot' (which gives it the 'New' prefix) contains SLush Fund ingredients, which are derived from sustainable resources that also support human and animal rights. SLush Fund is pretty amazing, and I'd highly recommend finding more info about it HERE. With all these environmental benefits, it's amazing to think that 'New Charity Pot' is just as good for the planet as it is for your skin.

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