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Review: Lush x Easter Collection 2017.

Review: Lush x Easter Collection 2017.

Lush have just released their limited-edition 2017 Easter Collection, which is available in-stores and online until the 17th of April, and it’s jam-packed full of all the brightest colours and sweetest scents that you would imagine it to have!

Dream Steam - Steam Tabs

A super easy to use steamer tab that you put into hot water, calming red skin and clearing pores. It’s perfect for all skin types - including sensitive skin.  The smell of it is to die for and the soft skin you have afterward makes the product a must-have for anyone who enjoys to steam their face, and great for beginners who want to get into doing it also.

Flopsy - Face Wash Jelly

Yes, this limited-edition face-wash jelly is shaped like a bunny and if that isn’t a reason to get it, I don’t know what is. This unique little product contains almond oil and fresh carrot infusion, making it super hydrating for your face! It smells good enough to eat also - but maybe don’t.

Chocolate- Lip Scrub

Lush always supply the best lip-scrubs on the market - and this one is no different. The new flavour that they’re coming out with is chocolate AND orange! Always the best part of these lip-scrubs is the fact that they’re completely edible and also taste great!

Wash Behind Your Ears - Shower Gel

Smelling like a fresh flower is the only way to describe this shower gel! The bright orange colour of the gel is just as captivating as the smell of the product. It’s also full of shimmer and glitter - could this product get any better?

Chocolate Easter Egg - Soap

It smells so amazing, I wish it was edible! It’s definitely an eye-catcher with the bright yellows, pinks and greens on the soap itself. The greatest part about this soap is probably the fact that it’s made with cocoa butter, which is great for moisturising your skin.

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