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A photo diary from... Dora Jar.

A photo diary from... Dora Jar.

"MC² equals E, that's the theory of relativity / And how are you relative to me?" warmly asks Dora Jar in new song, 'Scab Song' - her signature wit and playfulness shining through, accompanied by inventive instrumentation, all hallmarks of Dora's imaginative songwriting, previously showcased on her exceptional debut EP, 'Digital Meadow'.

"I am my truest form when I am changing shape, morphing sounds, and shifting my point of view," says Dora of her spellbinding debut. "This project is an exploration of my impulse to shape-shift. That's my ambition... I want to leave the door ajar in my imagination. Let light seep through the crack."

Dora compiled the below photo diary for Coup De Main - and we also caught up with her to discuss emotional metamorphosis, feeling free and powerful, a hug from a koi fish, and more...

COUP DE MAIN: How does your songwriting process work?
Kinda like when SpongeBob goes jellyfish catching, but in my mind. Starts with catching a melody and a lyric. Then I play the same thing over and over until it becomes like a mantra and I am decoding the meaning and adding to it. No thoughts, just vibes.

CDM: Why do you identify with butterflies? What is it about butterflies that you like the idea of having been one in a past life?
I went through an emotional metamorphosis after I took shrooms. My sense of self dissolved like a caterpillar in the cocoon. Came out the other end like a butterfly and then the butterfly died and I began a new cycle of existing. I like the idea of metamorphosis.

CDM: Do you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extrovert?
I'm an introvert that enjoys adding life to a party. I like deep conversations one on one. I like dogs.  

CDM: Does "fraticapatica automatica" have any special meaning to you? Or did you just like the way it sounded in 'Polly'?
I've been saying that since sophomore year of high school. Sometimes these phrases come to me and I like to believe they are some sort of elf language given to me by the elves in my cells.

CDM I love the lyrics of 'Wizard', they're so empowering. Were you thinking of anything specific when writing the line, "I'm not a business man / I'm the treasure"?
I was thinking of the movie, 'Uncut Gems'. I never want to be the Howard soullessly chasing the money. I’ll just be the money.

CDM: Do you have any favourite anecdotes or memories from the writing or recording of your 'Digital Meadow' EP?
DORA: I met Solomonophonic (the guy who produced Polly with me) the day we made Polly. We didn’t have a conversation until three hours after we met and the song was done.

CDM: What is the most vivid dream you have ever had?
I had a dream recently that a koi fish was standing up along my leg and hugging me tight. I was worried for the fish not being able to breathe but it seemed fine. Then an older man walked by and I only saw his boots in the water and I heard him say: "Don’t worry, they like to hold on."I immediately felt so much love for the fish.

CDM: What do you hope for people to take away from listening to your music?
I hope people feel free and powerful because when you feel free and powerful you no longer have to prove shit to anyone; you just be. But also just feel the raw emotion that comes. That’s all I can hope for anyone, just to be able to feel and accept the feeling and find the beauty in the feeling. Amen.

CDM: You've said that: "I want to leave the door ajar in my imagination. Let light seep through the crack." If you were restricted by nothing, how would you like to expand the Dora Jar universe / what would you like to add to it?
I am not restricted and you will see.

CDM: What's next for you?
6 live shows this fall and some new music with a theme of water.

Our little fam that we sat around The fire with singing songs playing guitar and roasting marshmallows.

Almost at the top of the best hike in the back roads of Hope, Alaska. We all swam in the freezing lake.

Me and Ralph Castelli in front of the vintage ambulance.

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