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Exit Kid - 'Caesar' music video.

Exit Kid - 'Caesar' music video.

Exit Kid (Emre Turkmen of Years & Years, and drummer Dylan Bell) have released a Wiggles-inspired music video for 'Caesar’ - lifted from the duo’s self-titled debut EP - which was directed by Joe Baughmann.

In an interview with Clash magazine, Baughmann said about the video:

"Knowing the song's subject matter and then drawing from the feelings I had post-election/inauguration, it seemed appropriate to have a child represent the banality and immaturity of the powers that be. It was interesting for me to use the toys from my childhood and I had a lot of fun making visual puns and references with the toys that nobody will get (though hopefully meaning can still be found in it anyway). Working with Emre and Dylan is always awesome. It was a blast creating the Wiggles-inspired portion of the video with them because they were open to whatever, had great creative input, and made the work enjoyable. They are beautiful men. =====D"

Watch the 'Caesar' music video below...

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