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Harry Styles x 'Harry's House' appreciation post.

Harry Styles x 'Harry's House' appreciation post.

Harry Styles has just released his third album today titled 'Harry's House' - featuring the hit single 'As It Was'. To celebrate the album, Harry has been popping up across North America to different events and we couldn't be more excited to get to see him performing again after a long few months.

So today on the day of release, we are celebrating... 

#1. The single from the album 'As It Was', is a hit song for a reason - check out the Coachella performance plus the very iconic music video.

#2. Styles has also been putting on listening parties across the world, including a Spotify listening party in New York that he showed up at this morning to introduce the event. 

#3. New Harry era means new Harry outfits to obsess over including a brown cardigan with yellow ducks, double-denim, and a striped jumpsuit. 


#4. Styles also performed on 'The Today Show' where he sung 'Daylight', 'As It Was', 'Watermelon Sugar', 'Golden', 'Late Night Talking' and 'Boyfriends'.

#5. There has been a heap of new 'Harry's House' merchandise released with pop-up shops across Europe and North America. 

Harry Styles' new album 'Harry's House' is out now...

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