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Kailee Morgue shares new single 'Knew You'.

Kailee Morgue shares new single 'Knew You'.

Kailee Morgue has returned with a brand new single, 'Knew You', which sees her tackling an intense love in her songwriting for the first time ("Everytime I take a breath / It's like a knife inside my chest / Still I love you to death," she sings in the bridge).

About 'Knew You', Kailee shares: “I’ve finally allowed myself to start writing love songs and about relationships. I never indulged in this style before. I’d just gotten into a relationship where I was constantly writing about love and that dynamic. I was super playful, but honest. I’m being really open.”

The song follows Kailee's excellent 'Black Sheep' cover from last year, and is a signal of more new music to come in 2020.

Listen to 'Knew You' below...

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