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Photo Diary: Lennon Stella's very first live show.

Photo Diary: Lennon Stella's very first live show.

Last year was a year of firsts for Lennon Stella. After giving people a taster of her distinctive voice through her debut release, ‘Like Everybody Else’, she followed it up with string of singles, a collaboration with Liam Payne and Jonas Blue (‘Polaroid’), and ended it out with her EP ‘Love, me’, supporting those with her first ever live shows.

The mini-tour saw Stella headline in her hometown of Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles - and while preparing for her Nashville show, Stella documented her day for us.

Check out the photo diary below…

Matt giving me some tips on how to look cool on stage.

Here’s me checkin’ myself out in the mirror, and my friends checkin’ me out checkin’ myself out.

Sarah and I practicing our Beyoncé dance moves.

My favourite people dolling me up for my first ever show.

My heart exploding over how the neon signs look in real life.

My first ever merch looking all cute.

Meeting new friends.

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