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Must-listen: Hana - ‘Avalanche’.

Must-listen: Hana - ‘Avalanche’.

Hana has just released a brand-new song called ‘Avalanche’, the follow up to her debut single ‘Clay’ (which you can listen to/watch the video of HERE).

‘Avalanche’ is incredible - it showcases Hana’s vocals perhaps even moreso than ‘Clay’, as she sings about control and assertion. The song was also produced by Blood Diamonds, who is both Hana’s producer and boyfriend (so cute!).

In an interview with Nylon she said about the song that: “It's kind of in the same world as “Clay.” I love the song so much, just because I was experimenting with using my voice as the main basis of the song—my voice is what is making the chords of the song. That’s really exciting, because I think the voice is such an alien instrument; we all have one and they all sound different. The song itself is about my inability to say no and learning about becoming a more assertive person. I’m a people-pleaser to a fault, so this song is about saying no if I don’t want to do something, and becoming a more powerful person.”

Listen to ‘Avalanche’ below…

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